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Hot Stone Massage April 17, 2009

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A hot stone massage demo:


Blind Massage in Singapore April 16, 2009

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There were some queries previously about blind massage in Singapore. I have yet to come across one but thought I can probably post this one up since I found it on the Internet. For those who have tried before, care to share with us?

Name Of Business : Miracle Traditional Blind Massage Centre Pte Ltd
Enquiry Hotline : 67320669
Business Address : 150 Orchard Rd., Orchard Plaza #01-63

3 simple massage tips April 15, 2009

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Massage Tips:

  1. Massage oil decreases the friction created on the skin and prevents the pulling of hairs. Don’t use too much: The less oil, the greater the friction and the deeper the pressure.
  2. Use slower movements for a soothing or calming response.
  3. When applying pressure with finger or thumb, provide support with the other fingers and thumbs. Otherwise you will wear your thumbs out!

A Massage after Shopping (“Aiko Health Spa” @ Tanglin Road) April 14, 2009

This spa is located in the midst of a shopping centre. It has the claim of relaxing your mind and body in a cosy ambience. You will be able to treat yourself with a wide range of their services. Their body massages are provided in individual rooms with shower attached.

Some other facilities include steambath, sauna, jacuzzi and a coffee lounge. If you like to, you may also opt to relax yourself at the Theatre Room and have a go at the mini buffett with some light refreshments. The operation hours are between 10am till 11pm.


Skillful Massage? (“Skill Massage Centre” @ Orchard Towers) April 13, 2009

The shop’s outlet name is “Skill Massage Centre” and that makes one ponder how skillful are their masseuse? It claims to be newly opened and has a promotion that is $42 an hour. This is located at Orchard Towers and they offer Aromatherapy, Swedish Massage, Shiatsu Massage and Thai Massage.


On the body…With the body April 10, 2009

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Working ON the Body

When you work ON a person, you are coming at it with your own agenda. In a very real way it is assuming that you know what their body needs better than they do. It is attempting to inflict healing upon somebody. It is an attempt to make healing an event rather than a process. It is attempting to control the outcome in a prescribed way. It is neglectful of where the client is in their healing process. In short, it is just wrong.

Working WITH the Body

Fortunately, there is a better way. When you work WITH the body, you are a partner, a facilitator, a coach, an encourager. You become a part of the process. You assist and help rather than trying to hijack the process. It allows for adaptation and accommodation to what they want, what they need, and what they are prepared to receive. It allows for the reception of the subtle information that the client is giving you through their body. It is humble. It is harmonious.

There is an old saying that when the student is ready, the teacher appears. The teacher was really there all along, but the student wasn’t ready to learn anything. Healing is much the same way – when the one who is hurt is ready, healing will happen. You can’t force someone into the process, they must be ready and willing to accept it. Of course, you encourage them to push their limits, but that is what spurs positive change.

The point is that when you work WITH the body, you are working from a place of respect, not one of assumed superiority. Working WITH the body, you build trust with your client and they can begin to allow the healing process to begin in your presence and with your help. Working ON the body shuts down this process and can even reinforce defensive patterns that make the client feel even worse.


Ass Massage April 9, 2009

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It certainly looks nice with those curves…but does it feels good? I doubt so…massage is about pressure contact with the body…the masseuse is not doing that at all..just simply touch and go…fortunately its a lady massaging…if not…