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Australian? (“Solid Gold Coast Health Centre” @ West Coast) April 7, 2009

No Australians sighted…although this place is named Solid Gold Coast. It was a tough day at work rushing out proposals and indeed relaxing just to drop by a massage place after all those tiring rush.

The outlet comprise of steam & sauna, jacuzzi, large screen TV lounge and also a coffee place. No worries about carpark as there’s ample space, moreover, if you come after 5pm, its free parking. Their business hours are till 11pm and open from Mon-Sat.  In this line of business, I came to understand that many of these outlets are seeking masseuses regularly given the high turnover rate. And chanced upon knowing that this outlet is also looking for more masseuses.

As greeted upfront at the reception, I was shown to my room but prior to that, I took a quick sauna session. In the private room of mine, my masseuse appeared soon after. The massage session was a comfortable one as she rubbed my body of work pressures away and soothe the fatigue away. Going in circular motions, she used the back of her palms to massage my shoulders with adequate force. This is a simple but yet effective technique coupled with those gentle hands of my masseuse.

The session ended on the dot and I proceeded forward with some light snacks and drinks at the coffee lounge. The whole ambience was light hearted and pretty much relaxing.

Solid Gold Coast Health Centre


Sweating Out in Spa Centre (“Royal Classic Spa” @ West Coast Recreation Centre) March 24, 2009

It would have been more appropriate if this spa centre provides sports massage. Why? It is just located next to the stadium…how convenient it would have been if you needed a sports massage due to an injury and you could get it just right there!

Royal Classic Spa is has a cosy massage room to begin with and I learnt that there’s Wifi access too, great for people like me who is unable to detach away from the internet. I had my complimentary drink before proceeding to use some of their facilities like steam and sauna.

My massage took place as soon as I had enough of my steam and sauna. I requested for my lower half of body to be massaged. She concentrated on my calf and gave my pair of tired legs a good rub. As her tender touch nimble my legs, it relieves those tensed muscles that was accumulated through my 2 hour run at the stadium…yesterday.

Should I come to the stadium in the future, I am pretty sure I will get myself the massage nearby.

Royal Classic Spa


A Japanese Experience (“Elegance Health Spa” @ Japanese Garden) March 23, 2009

Fancy having a Japanese massage in Singapore? That will definitely going to be costly but at least there’s a place for a nice massage at Japanese Garden Rd…and it is economical.

The business hours are till 11pm at night and I went there just an hour before their closing time. Parking is free over there. I came a bit late to understand from them that there’s a special promotion should you go during the off peak hours from 11am – 5pm period. But since I am there, and it is still highly affordable even without the promo, why not?

I was led to my room by my masseuse whom had this charming smile on her that seems to brighten up the night for me. I got to know that she was at a very young age and started as a masseuse just a few months ago. But it was soon that I got to feel her massage techniques were pretty good even though she hasn’t had years of experience doing this.

The rub off my back was good and firm with constant kneading and I can feel that she is very hardworking…on my tired back. She used the back of her hands to ‘roll’ around in circular motions and it was nice to have her tender hands squeeze the pressures off my shoulders.

The whole session ended promptly on the dot and it was also time for the ladies at the spa centre to knock off work. Sayonara for both me and the ladies for the night.



In US, Hawaii? (“Waikiki Spa Resort” @ Margaret Drive) February 17, 2009

Hawaii is a dream place for many local Singaporeans to relax and unwind by the beautiful beaches. At Waikiki Spa Resort, it has the claim of providing the best Thai and Shiatsu massage.

Some months ago, I visited this spa with a friend whom he recommended to come as it was newly renovated at that time. There was a promotion back then with some light refreshments and body scrub provided free. In Singapore, many drivers are very much particular about parking, so when there’s free parking…this is one pull factor.

In our individual private room, I went on with a bath before my masseuse sets in. It did not take long before I was attended by a therapist who seems to be in her mid-twenties. She went on to ask if I had enjoyed some of the facilities so far. And it was then I found out from her that there was manual car wash provided too (but this…you got to pay for it).

My therapist proceeded with her set of Thai massage on my body. The usual body “cracks” were done and you will feel very comfortable right after that. My body was pretty much maneuvered by my therapist…with my knee joints and arms going in motion.  The bending of joints and applying pressure on certain body aches were very much effective in relaxing the overall tensed pressures that were accumulated from work.

The session cost less than $50 including the facilities enjoyed.

Waikiki Spa Resort


Stumbled upon one at Jurong (“Ella Spa @ Jalan Ahmad Ibrahim”) January 2, 2009

This spa has a prominent location as it is located just next to Jurong Bird Park…how close can you ever get to nature while doing spa in Singapore. The grand opening was some time in the 2nd half of 2008 and it offers Sauna, Hot Pool, Steam Bath, Foot Reflexology. Together with it…this outlet is equipped with a theatre room for your viewing pleasure of the latest films. After a massage session, you will be most welcome to have some time for yourself with some nicely brewed coffee.

The facilities that Ella Spa provides are aimed with the objective of pampering customers. I picked their 1 hour Swedish Massage (they offer Thai and Shiatsu too) package and was ushered into my room by a pleasant customer relation officer. My masseuse took a short moment before entering the room with a courtesy knock on the door. As I got to know a little more through some casual chatting, I understood that she was from Sichuan, China. I wasn’t much in the chatting mood and got down with her working on my body aches. The room was filled with rosemary scent when she applied the lotion on my back. Using her palm, my masseuse grind and untie the knots ending of my back. It felt really great when she pat on my back repeatedly and soothing the itch by rubbing her hands in the upward motion constantly.

The ambience definitely makes the whole place very comfortable with relaxing soft music playing in the background. I had a cup of coffee at the lounge before settling for a movie at the theatre room. It was a total of 3 hours spent as I felt so serene inside this spa outlet. A worthwhile visit indeed.

Ella Spa