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Rewarding myself with shopping and massage (“Bugis Health Centre @ Middle Rd”) January 5, 2009

After these few months of hard work, I finally successfully clinched a major project. The company was rewarded with a good treat from the boss. We had a good Japanese dinner at Bugis Junction…after a full meal…it was down to shopping with my colleague.

The feeling of relaxation just push me further ahead in craving for a good massage. At around 9.30pm when my colleagues left one by one, I thought it will be good to have some time alone and continue on my relaxation spree. Bugis Health Centre was nearby at Fortune Centre, just a few minutes walk away from the Bugis MRT.

I was greeted with a bright smile by two receptionists at the table. At the waiting corner, there was another customer waiting..I pondered for awhile whether it might be a long wait or not…it was then one of the receptionist must have saw my expression and reassured me that it will take another 10 minutes.

Soon enough, I was guided by a petite woman..she was pretty chatty as we walked to our room for massage. From her accent, it sounded like she was from Malaysia.  And indeed on further chatting, she was from the nearby state, Johor.

I laid myself down comfortably on the soft was so comfy that I almost fell asleep. My masseuse add on to the comfort when she press my neck and caress it gently. That feeling was indescribable as it is so soothing that it can put one to sleep immediately. She flipped me over and tactfully press on my shoulders using her body weight (lucky she was petite). As she work her way down my thighs, I requested that she do only my upper body as my legs felt fine. Her massage skills were good with adequate strength power although she is small in size.

Her delicate fingers nimbled through my back and it somehow felt slightly ticklish. Soon, my session was over and it sure was a good one. What a relaxing massage to end a nice day.

Bugis Health Centre