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Spicing up a boring day! (“Canberra Health Spa @ Sembawang”) December 27, 2008

Sometimes during the weekend, with nothing great on TV and any appointments with friends…it should be a good rare time to chill out alone..but then again, its boring doing JUST nothing!

so why not engage in my our favourite activity by doing nothing except to lay down there and let the masseuse fingers do the work…at least this form of doing nothing is more interesting~

I flip through my directory of spa centres and saw one near my location at Sembawang – Canberra Health Spa. Guess how I travelled there? I jogged! It sounds a bit crazy for someone to jog to a spa centre…but I thought it might be more worthwhile trying to make oneself tired first before going for the relaxing part…like that will be more relaxing…isn’t it?

Looking up at the signboard, I know I am at the right location. Entering the tinted doors, I found myself in a nice air-conditioned environment from the blazing sun outside. The receptionist must have been pretty amuse at seeing me sweat profusely..she was kind enough to offer me a cool chilled drink. After selecting my package, I was guided to the room and the masseuse was already inside waiting for me.

I changed into their cosy wear and soon the massage began. She was pretty quiet throughout the session and let her fingers do the talking instead. Her elbow glides past my tired legs (from the jogging)..and it felt so good. As she use her pressure on those acupuncture points, I felt a sense of pleasure. Her skills were great with the amount of force use on the different body parts. The massage oil were evenly spread out and the lavender smell spread throughout the room.

This massage lasted only 45 minutes and it seemed too soon. But now at least I know, there’s a place to come by if I were to jog in the vicinity again!

Canberra Health Spa