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A Chinatown experience (“Oriental Pearl Healthcare Centre” @ Pagoda St) January 26, 2009

We have noticed quite a number of massage and spa centres are sprucing up in Singapore along the Chinatown area. This could possibly due to the tourism trade catering and targeting many foreigners who frequent Chinatown. It was some time ago that I visited one outlet at Pagoda St.

Upon stepping into the outlet, the ambience was nice with a relaxing atmosphere. The massage therapist allocated to me used a variety of techniques to promote healing and relaxation, as well as to promote greater flexibility and range of motion. I could feel the after-effect of the outcome in which it helps to improve blood circulation, decrease pain and inflammation, helps to relax the muscles, and makes you feel better.

The masseuse engaged my body for a 90minute session, something longer than the usual one hour. It is encourage often to people after their massage session to drink a cup of hot tea. And this was naturally served at this outlet, warm green jasmine tea.

Overall, the experience was a great one which ended with a 15-minute chat with my masseuse. The warmth of the service given can indeed be felt.

Oriental Pearl Healthcare Centre


This is comfy (“Ning Beauty” @ Indus Road”) January 20, 2009

I would say the massage standards in Singapore is pretty much comparable to many neighbouring countries. Although we do understand that there are many who swears by going to Indonesia or Thailand for a cheap massage for a lengthy period of time, it is here too, that the prices aren’t really that steep.

At Ning Beauty, it is pegged at $30 for an hour’s session. With a skillful masseuse in the privacy of your individual room, you can get a pretty good deal too. I was greeted in an amicable manner by my receiving masseuse and thought she was possibly in an ideal mood. We briefly chatted for a moment and I got to know that she was from Malaysia.

Her knuckles kneaded past my body and hands. As she applied the same method on my shoulders, she began adding massage oil and brushed downwards off my shoulders. I informed her of my aching hands as previously I had carried some heavy materials while moving house for my relatives. She focused on my pair of sore hands and pounded lightly with karate chops in rhythm.

The whole process ended slightly more than an hour into time and it feels absolutely good. I thank my masseuse and she sees me off to the door front. A simple relaxing place to be.

Ning Beauty


A Heavenly Process (“Massage Heaven Spa Studio” @ Sims Ave) January 19, 2009

In the past when spas and massage centres were still an uncommon sight in Singapore, the cost of engaging this relaxing service is really quite expensive to come by. But now we are looking at many of such services at affordable rates. One of which is at Massage Heaven Spa Studio – $38/hour.

The masseuses are experienced and their skills are a combination of sensuality with a blend of tradition in their massages. As I laid my body on the comfortable bed, taking in the scent of the light lavender aroma, I fell into a trance of total relaxation. A pair of smooth hands glide down my entire back, taking away the shagginess of the week’s workload.  I do feel that my masseuse administered the process from the top of my shoulders to my legs very well. Every finger pressure pressed on my body work wonders to untie the tensed knots.

Overall ambience was a soothing one with light decor to accompany the limited space it has in the outlet. The service crew was as usual at its best, all smiles.

Massage Heaven Spa Studio


Nice experience (“Grand Health Centre @ Cavenagh Rd”) January 7, 2009

The name Grand Health Centre has some indications of how the interior of it looks. Indeed going by its location, it sure is a grand one with the Istana (our President’s official resident) in the vicinity. Situated at Cavenagh Rd, you will be better directed to Hotel Grand Central which is more prominent.

It was a pretty wet day with showers in the afternoon and I managed to get some bright greetings at the front reception by a charming receptionist. After making a confirmation of my reservation, I proceeded to change into their bathing suit. A relaxing sauna to let my sweat pores open was indeed a great experience after getting chilled in the cold weather. It took me half an hour before proceeding on to receive my massage.

A local masseuse was asked to guide me into my room where I would get my aches soothe away. I was pretty surprise to hear that she was in her late 20s when she looked incredibly young. As she chatted, it was understood that she had been in this line for half a decade – 5 years. Indeed her skillful massage showed her experience as she knows exactly the spot to place her pressure onto. Using her elbow on my calf muscles was truly effective in relieving my fatigue as I had went for a 2.4km run just a few days before.

After the great massage, she warmly invited me to the TV restroom where I chilled out with a relaxing drink and a show to catch. This is one centre I would highly recommend to visit.

Grand Health Centre


A Happy Experience (“Happy De Spa @ Balestier”) January 6, 2009

As the name suggests, it should be a happy experience down at Happy De Spa located along Balestier Road. The outlet provides a nice massage at only $36 for an hour (this is the promotion price) inclusive of a free body scrub. There are many services provided such as ear candling, traditional/oil massage, steam & sauna…etc

Upon reaching the outlet at Balestier Point, I registered myself (had booked in advance) and took up their promotion package of traditional massage. The steam bath was the first “activity” that I engaged in before enjoying myself at the snack bar along with a cup of warm tea served. There was free internet surfing and I made use of this facility to check out some of my emails. It is said that if you can’t put your mind to ease, your body will not be in peace too. Therefore, after clearing my emails, I was ready to embark on my massage experience.

I was gently greeted by the masseuse who apparently was from China. As we chatted on her life here in Singapore, I found that she had been here for more than a year working already. As she massaged my back and glide her hands up and down from top to bottom, I requested she massage my front. She pressed my shoulders to ease the tensions and I can hear the faint “crack” sound which felt good. Her chopping technique on my thigh front was of a swift motion. Indeed, a pleasurable experience.

I ended the session with checking my email once again before leaving. Fortunately, there were none in my inbox.

Happy De Spa


Rewarding myself with shopping and massage (“Bugis Health Centre @ Middle Rd”) January 5, 2009

After these few months of hard work, I finally successfully clinched a major project. The company was rewarded with a good treat from the boss. We had a good Japanese dinner at Bugis Junction…after a full meal…it was down to shopping with my colleague.

The feeling of relaxation just push me further ahead in craving for a good massage. At around 9.30pm when my colleagues left one by one, I thought it will be good to have some time alone and continue on my relaxation spree. Bugis Health Centre was nearby at Fortune Centre, just a few minutes walk away from the Bugis MRT.

I was greeted with a bright smile by two receptionists at the table. At the waiting corner, there was another customer waiting..I pondered for awhile whether it might be a long wait or not…it was then one of the receptionist must have saw my expression and reassured me that it will take another 10 minutes.

Soon enough, I was guided by a petite woman..she was pretty chatty as we walked to our room for massage. From her accent, it sounded like she was from Malaysia.  And indeed on further chatting, she was from the nearby state, Johor.

I laid myself down comfortably on the soft was so comfy that I almost fell asleep. My masseuse add on to the comfort when she press my neck and caress it gently. That feeling was indescribable as it is so soothing that it can put one to sleep immediately. She flipped me over and tactfully press on my shoulders using her body weight (lucky she was petite). As she work her way down my thighs, I requested that she do only my upper body as my legs felt fine. Her massage skills were good with adequate strength power although she is small in size.

Her delicate fingers nimbled through my back and it somehow felt slightly ticklish. Soon, my session was over and it sure was a good one. What a relaxing massage to end a nice day.

Bugis Health Centre


A get-together with friends at spa (“Dragon Executive Spa @ Tanjong Pagar”) January 4, 2009

There are times when we just run out of ideas of what to do for a gathering with some friends. It has always been the usual BBQ, eating sessions and karaoke. So this time round, I was thinking out of the box and suggested the 5 of us good friends go for a spa session would certainly be fun!

It needs to be a nice spa that can accommodate the 5 of us in the pool and also in the sauna  room. We settled down at Dragon Executive Spa along Tanjong Pagar Road after some beer at the pub nearby. There was a private lift access at the entrance of Amara shopping centre. We felt like VIPs as soon as we step in and greeted warmly by the staffs in their dark uniforms. The reception seems large a grand in receiving us on the front desk.

We selected our Therapeutic Massages for an hour each and got into our ready suit for the massage. In our individual rooms, we were further greeted with ready smiling masseuse. Mine was a China girl from Shenyang province, I got to find out that she was in her early 20s and began work only a month ago in Singapore. The massage session was a chatty one and she used the traditional technique on pounding on my back with both hands clasped. Its been a long time since I tried that style. Her way of kneading her knuckles into those tired soles were superbly skilled and I truly enjoy that foot reflexology by her. As her dripped some aromatherapy oil on my arms and rub hard, I felt that she could have been a little softer…but her high energy actually rubbed off my tiring arms’ fatigue.

My good friends and I met up at the sauna right on time as we completed our relaxing massage. The sauna was great with chats about our old University days. We ended the session with some coffee at the lounge before checking out of the spa centre. It felt really good and we are already planning for the next gathering at the spa…

Dragon Executive Spa


Double Spa (“LB Spa @ Geylang Rd and Chinatown”) December 30, 2008

There are two branches to LB Spa in which one is along Geylang Road while the other is in the Chinatown area. Once inside thus Taiwan established centre, you will be able to pamper yourself with the many packages offered. Most of the masseuses are from China. Tips are discouraged at these branches as probably they pay their masseuses well.

With individual rooms attached, you can ensure that your privacy will be protected and you can enjoy the detox services it got to offer. There’s free body scrub, skin detox, foot detox, face detox and aromatherapy detox for every hourly treatment.

The opening hours of both branches are from 10am to 1am. With such long operating hours, you can go almost any time of the day you like to from late morning till past midnight. I visited the outlet at Chinatown some time around late morning. I was greeted by a sweet looking receptionist and was recommended to one of their popular massage package.

A smiley masseuse lead the way to the room and proceeded with my massage. I felt pretty much comfortable under the nice ambience and light pounding massage on my body back. While rubbing in circular motion of my triceps area, the soreness that I felt for days lightened up. I must have heaved a sign of relaxation for her to continue with that area…and she understood that I felt good which was why she continued with that sore area without me telling her practically so.

The massage experience at LB Spa was a good one overall.

LB Spa


A bliss after a hard day’s work…(“ANA Health Centre @ Queens St”) December 26, 2008

It was a pretty tough day at work managing some tough clients who are pressing on the already heavy load of work. The daily pressures in life just weigh down on those tiring shoulders. It was a pretty hectic day from 9am meeting the first client till 6pm meeting the 5th client of the day.

6pm was supposedly time for dinner but my stomach wasn’t growling at all…possibly due to the lose of appetite meeting the demands of the day. As usual, to destress myself after a hard day of work, it is time to relax with a good body massage.

I have been to ANA Health Centre at Queens St once before..but that was some months back. Since I was in the vicinity, I thought it will be nice to pop by.

A pleasant lady greeted me at the doorway (I guess she just came back from dinner..) and guided me to the reception whereby I selected my 1 hour package.  Through the passageway as I walk in, the ambience sets me in a relaxing mood with the calm environment.

I just laid myself down on the bed and soon after a young masseuse (possibly in her mid-20s) followed up. The massage was great as she kneaded all my work tensions away…it seems to me that every time she glides her hands down my body, it lightens my day’s pressure. As she work her way down my legs, the chopping technique was used and I could feel my legs soothe with comfort as she applied a fare bit of massage oil.

The hour was gone in a jiffy but it was very well worth it. I must have been too relaxed to have forgotten to ask the masseuse what her name was…I will definitely make a trip down to ANA Health Centre again…till the next time, I’ll post the masseuse name here on my blog.

ANA Health Centre Review



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