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Local Chinese Girl (Kelly’s Spa @ Guillemard Rd) April 6, 2009

It was formerly known as Kelly Wellness Massage but had since changed its name to simply Kelly’s Spa. The location is at a quiet shopping centre some distance away from Paya Lebar MRT. And the owner is quite particular about making appointments in advance.

The emphasis of this outlet is that their masseuse is local Chinese girls and not of those from China.

Upon making my appointment through the phone, I arrived pretty much on the dot. A local Chinese girl greeted me and shortly without striking up much of a conversation, we proceeded on to a good hard massage. The strength used was quite solid and hand techniques used were firm on the body. This is suitable for those who like it hard especially the part when she grinds her knuckles on your back.

Kelly Spa


Spa by the Beach (“Spa Cabana” @ East Coast Park) March 16, 2009

It always sounds nice to tell someone that you are going to have a spa or massage by the beach in Singapore. Yes it is truth in this sense, but only not exactly By The Beach….it is Near The Beach.

There’s this outlet at East Coast Park (ECP) , Spa Cabana. I know of this place through a fellow friend’s recommendation and I thought it will be nice to drop by as I go ECP pretty often to relax by the beach.

It is relatively affordable and there are several free facilities such as the refreshment, body scrub and also jacuzzi usage. And yes, the carpark at ECP is free too.

I tried their Thai massage and was greeted by a local masseuse in my room. She had a pretty smile worn on her as she greeted me with her palm closed like how a Thai will greet you. I specifically told her of my sore neck and wanted her to relief the pain I had accumulated over the past week through hours staring at the computer. She was kind enough to show me what level of strength she used from light to heavy and asked my preferences.

As her warm palms cuddle and massaged the neck muscles, it was really so relaxing to the extent that it felt absolutely nice to just simply doze off. After my request on the neck portion, she proceeded on with the standard Thai massage routine of “body twisting”. My back was thoroughly stretched and I can hear myself release a comfortable…”ah…”

Spa Cabana


Pretty Masseuse (“XiYuan” @ Jalan Sultan) February 23, 2009

First impressions always count and also the ambassador of a massage or spa centre is often represented by the service crew themselves. There are some outlets that have very high emphasis of good looks in their masseuse that I noticed all their crew were of great looking standards (at least based on my observation at the point of time that I came across)…while there are those who just simply employ masseuse based on skills and not to care whether they are ‘auntie-looking’ or not.

Well, its a world of packaging nowadays. A good example will be Xiyuan, just opposite Textile Centre taxi stand. Located at the second level, I was led into a small room with dimly lit lights. Walking past about 4-5 service staffs, I must admit there were all quite some great lookers. It didn’t take long before my young pretty masseuse began the massage. She was pretty soft-spoken but through her replies in a typical mandarin, I can guess she’s likely from China.

The massage skills applied were sensational when her kneading coupled with a minty rub off my body. As she pressed on the back along my waist area, I could feel tension just oozing away. As she moved from the top to the bottom of my legs, she nimble every single nerves of my 10 toes. It felt ticklish initially as I didn’t expect that, but it was quite a refreshing feeling. She pounded my soles with her mini fists…simple yet effectively feeling good.



Nice & Cosy (“The 80’s Reflexology” @ Jalan Besar) February 10, 2009

In this service industry like spa and massage, the crew and personnel involved are of crucial importance. Because they are of direct contact with clients and they either make or break the brand. Through word-of-mouth, that’s the most effective medium that can spread like wildfire…good or bad.

The masseuse who serviced me at this outlet is also the receptionist who received me. Their masseuse on standby will always be on the receiving front whom will eventually lead the customer like myself to the room. The room though small on individual space, it emits a sense of cosy feeling in within.

In the room, light music was played in the background to enhance the mood for relaxation. My masseuse came into the room and positioned herself for the massage process. After indicating that I had a spur of headaches a few days before, she proceeded on with a good lengthy massage on my head…my temples and even some light facial massage. I think it might have lasted quite a while but I did not want her to stop, it was just feeling really comfortable.

Down to my shoulders was slapped on with some massage aromatherapy oil. And my upper body felt light, especially after a fabulous head massage.

The 80's Reflexology


Check out this outlet (“Jin Yu Spa Massage @ MacPherson Rd) January 1, 2009

This outlet can be easily spotted if you know where MacPherson Road is and the prominent Caltex petrol kiosk…its just opposite it. Jin Yu Spa Massage is an ideal place for a quick massage relief if you like to have one around MacPherson area. It is a small shop decorated with its whitish signboard.

It is opened some time in 2008 and I was there for an hour massage for $30 only. The masseuse was youthful with bursting energy and chirpy in conversation. That was during the afternoon period whereby business would be more quiet at this time. I was served with a delightful massage within minutes upon reaching and got more than an hour of massage as there were no other customers waiting. It was truly a great customer service and I will be back for more again.

The masseuse skills were adequately great in promoting blood circulation as you can practically feel her vibrant rub with energy. There was a tickling sensation when she tried massaging the thighs but it felt great overall. The gentle slapping action on the muscles were nice relief to my legs. My session ended slightly more than an hour later, but was still payable at $30. This is a place valued for money if you would like to come down to try out some massages.

Jin Yu Spa Massage


Double Spa (“LB Spa @ Geylang Rd and Chinatown”) December 30, 2008

There are two branches to LB Spa in which one is along Geylang Road while the other is in the Chinatown area. Once inside thus Taiwan established centre, you will be able to pamper yourself with the many packages offered. Most of the masseuses are from China. Tips are discouraged at these branches as probably they pay their masseuses well.

With individual rooms attached, you can ensure that your privacy will be protected and you can enjoy the detox services it got to offer. There’s free body scrub, skin detox, foot detox, face detox and aromatherapy detox for every hourly treatment.

The opening hours of both branches are from 10am to 1am. With such long operating hours, you can go almost any time of the day you like to from late morning till past midnight. I visited the outlet at Chinatown some time around late morning. I was greeted by a sweet looking receptionist and was recommended to one of their popular massage package.

A smiley masseuse lead the way to the room and proceeded with my massage. I felt pretty much comfortable under the nice ambience and light pounding massage on my body back. While rubbing in circular motion of my triceps area, the soreness that I felt for days lightened up. I must have heaved a sign of relaxation for her to continue with that area…and she understood that I felt good which was why she continued with that sore area without me telling her practically so.

The massage experience at LB Spa was a good one overall.

LB Spa