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Local Chinese Girl (Kelly’s Spa @ Guillemard Rd) April 6, 2009

It was formerly known as Kelly Wellness Massage but had since changed its name to simply Kelly’s Spa. The location is at a quiet shopping centre some distance away from Paya Lebar MRT. And the owner is quite particular about making appointments in advance.

The emphasis of this outlet is that their masseuse is local Chinese girls and not of those from China.

Upon making my appointment through the phone, I arrived pretty much on the dot. A local Chinese girl greeted me and shortly without striking up much of a conversation, we proceeded on to a good hard massage. The strength used was quite solid and hand techniques used were firm on the body. This is suitable for those who like it hard especially the part when she grinds her knuckles on your back.

Kelly Spa


3 Responses to “Local Chinese Girl (Kelly’s Spa @ Guillemard Rd)”

  1. vincent Says:

    Hi there, would like to ask how do i get the contacts from you so as to make an appointment for a spa massage?

  2. i’ll post it on some time later

  3. vincent Says:

    So meantime how should i go about making an appointment?

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