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A Japanese Experience (“Elegance Health Spa” @ Japanese Garden) March 23, 2009

Fancy having a Japanese massage in Singapore? That will definitely going to be costly but at least there’s a place for a nice massage at Japanese Garden Rd…and it is economical.

The business hours are till 11pm at night and I went there just an hour before their closing time. Parking is free over there. I came a bit late to understand from them that there’s a special promotion should you go during the off peak hours from 11am – 5pm period. But since I am there, and it is still highly affordable even without the promo, why not?

I was led to my room by my masseuse whom had this charming smile on her that seems to brighten up the night for me. I got to know that she was at a very young age and started as a masseuse just a few months ago. But it was soon that I got to feel her massage techniques were pretty good even though she hasn’t had years of experience doing this.

The rub off my back was good and firm with constant kneading and I can feel that she is very hardworking…on my tired back. She used the back of her hands to ‘roll’ around in circular motions and it was nice to have her tender hands squeeze the pressures off my shoulders.

The whole session ended promptly on the dot and it was also time for the ladies at the spa centre to knock off work. Sayonara for both me and the ladies for the night.



3 Responses to “A Japanese Experience (“Elegance Health Spa” @ Japanese Garden)”

  1. Janice Says:

    Was having lunch at Bukit Timah Road this afternoon and walked past a new Jap spa – the facade looks very good. Heard from the receptionist that the owner is a Jap businessman, who flew in the ofuro bath facilities from Nippon. Worth taking a look next time. Their website is not up yet –

  2. David Hunter Says:

    I want to get a massage in Singapore next week, but I dont’ want a pussy boy to come to my hotel room. Is there a way to verify the gender of the person before they come to do your massage?

  3. u can certainly always call and request …no worries about it…most of the time are ladies …rarely guys massaging…but to make sure…make ur request known over the phone

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